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We conduct practical scientific research grounded in the well-being of humanity. Our investigations focus on the evolving dynamics between humans and natural resources. Central to our philosophy is the belief that successful biodiversity and habitat conservation hinges on local communities gaining economic advantages from such conservation efforts. Through our research, we strive to deepen our understanding of natural systems, exploring both the positive and adverse impacts of human interactions with them.


We offer training tailored for community-based organizations, youth collectives, women's groups, as well as county and government agencies. Our training focuses on sustainable development and natural resource management, encompassing topics like forestry, renewable energy, waste management, climate change, and environmental policy advocacy.


We offer a wide range of consultancy services on environmental and natural resource-based development initiatives including climate change mitigation, Conservation & Wildlife, Environmental Policy & Advocacy, Sustainable Development, Clean Energy & Renewable Resources, Environmental Education, Waste Management & Recycling, Marine & Coastal Conservation, Carbon Monitoring, Environmental impact assessment and various audits.


Modern organizations demand tailored strategies to tackle challenges related to process performance, compliance, and technological advancements. By partnering with esteemed certification bodies throughout the industry, we've enhanced the sustainable efficiency of operations using established management system standards and tested frameworks.

Our Project's


Project 1

Biodiversity Assessment of Avifauna in Western Himalaya.


Project 2

Environmental Awareness Programmes in Educational Institutions


Project 3

Waste Management and Pet bottle Recycling


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