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Founder’s Message

Women sustain the traditional wisdom of conserving the environment because they play important roles as land managers and natural resources managers. Climate change is real, women in many parts of the world, especially in indigenous communities are the first who experience this devastating impact of the biodiversity crisis and environmental degradation. In the light of the current biodiversity crisis, it is obvious that we must urgently accelerate this pace and women need to be equally involved in the ecosystem of sustainable development, we should look to this inclusive collaborative approach to address these issues.
Empowering women is a way to empower our natural resources on which every aspect of life depends. Time is now to act and take action to make our environment more sustainable for the future generation. Come together to act now!

Dr. Archana Naithani

Our Vision

To become an internationally recognized institution equipped with the necessary tools and methodologies to provide consultancy services to companies, governments, non-governmental, and international organizations with the aim of promoting a culture of dialogue, and responsible and sustainable use of the environment.

Our Mission

Promote better and informed decision-making among societies through rigorous research, capacity development and technical assistance in the different areas of our work.

Core Team Members

We are a group of passionate and highly skilled ecologists and environmentalists who came together with a shared vision of promoting sustainable development and responsible environmental practices. With their extensive experience in working on diverse projects worldwide, the team at Ecoensa is committed to providing rigorous research, capacity development, and technical assistance to companies, governments, international organizations and NGOs. Through their expertise and dedication, Ecoensa strives to promote better decision-making and a culture of dialogue for the responsible and sustainable use of the environment. We work with organisations large, small, public and private, in a commercial time frame, to help you turn data into a competitive advantage. Our team of experts are drawn from a wide range of disciplines including climate science, engineering, geo-mapping, astrophysics, satellite data and mathematics. We have the breadth of the skills you need to visualise existing data sources, analyse historic trends and develop predictive analytic tools. Combining a deep knowledge of the underpinning science and models behind data with an appreciation of the need to present data in an engaging and meaningful way, our speciality is in rapidly developing proof-of-concept data applications to provide clients with bespoke software tools to support better decision-making and risk management, from strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions

Transitioning to sustainable and renewable energy sources is at the heart of our mission. By harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water, we're paving the way for a cleaner, brighter future.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Our commitment to eliminating plastic is unwavering. Plastic pollution threatens our oceans, wildlife, and our own health. By advocating for plastic alternatives and responsible consumption, we're pushing for a world where plastics no longer dominate our landscapes.



Every habitat and species plays a crucial role in the intricate web of life. We prioritize the protection and restoration of diverse ecosystems to maintain the planet's health and balance.


Internship opportunities for women’s at Ecoensa India Pvt Ltd on various sectors to gain experience in multiple areas to do our part to create a more sustainable future for our planet. Let’s protect and restore nature “now and for the next generation” which is in our hands.
  • Conservation & Wildlife
  • Environmental Policy & Advocacy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Research & Academia
  • Climate Change
  • Clean Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Environmental Education
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Marine & Coastal Conservation
  • Carbon Monitoring

Our Volunteer

Stepping forward with passion and determination, our volunteer embodies the spirit of change. They are not just individuals; they are the heartbeat of our mission. From leading community initiatives to advocating for sustainable solutions, their dedication shines brightly in every endeavor. They bring diverse backgrounds and experiences but share a unified purpose: making the world a better place. Through their efforts, we see the ripple effect of kindness, commitment, and action. Their presence reminds us that when one person decides to make a difference, it can inspire countless others. In their hands and hearts, the future looks brighter. 🌍❤️🌱

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